Motorcycle Disability Rider Products
We at DMR are specialist suppliers of quality motorcycle rider aids and adaptations for a range of disabilities. If you wanted, you could virtually have a clutchless motorcycle! We manufacture a variety of different items which are mostly unique to us & not available anywhere else. We are very passionate about helping those that want to ride but are held back by theIr disability, and get them back onto either a 2 or 3 wheel motorcycle & regain their independence once again.

We design and manufacture all of our products at our site in Colchester, meaning they are all BRITISH MADE and not some cheap relabeled imports manufactured in the far east. We have many useful & unique adaptions designed for injured, disabled & amputee motorcyclists & trikers. So if you have either a leg or arm amputation or simply find it hard to use the clutch due to age or being arthritic – we have the products you need! We guarantee that you will not be disappointed with the quality and the delivery speed. We even have a price guarantee on all of our items – If you find the same or a similar quality new product set at a cheaper rate then we will endeavor to provide you with an unbeatable price.

We have had previous customers who have been injured in a accident, had a birth defect, or an illness, all looking to us to help get them back on the road. The key to safe, enjoyable motorcycle riding with a disability is to first research and pick the right quality product that has been manufactured specifically for your particualr situation. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a one-size-suits-all solution for bikers with a disability, so if you are having trouble finding out what would be best for you then do contact us to discuss all possible product options that may or may not be of assistance to you without the pressure of someone trying to talk you into some thing you do not even need.


  • Flatshifter Club – An aid to change up through the gears without using the clutch on any motorcycle or bike powered vehicles.
  • Flatshifter Expert – An aid to change up and down through the gears without using the clutch on any motorcycle or bike engined vehicle.
  • Flatshifter Blip – A unique adaption. A NEW stand alone clutchless downshifts works system that is compatible with all engine ecus. You can add this system to your own ignition cut (clutchless upshift ) system too.
  • Flatshifter Max – An electric motorcycle shifter kit selector kit that lets you change up & down through the gears with a gentle touch of a button.
  • Dualever (Twin clutch / brake lever) – This system can be fitted to either side of your handle bars to operate as either the clutch and brake or the front and rear brake. It can be configured for a hydraulic or cable clutch operation. The brand new Dualever enables total versatility!
  • Flatshifter “Auto-Clutch” Control System – This adaption allows an original equipment manual clutch to be controlled automatically by using only the vehicle’s throttle, in a similar manner to a torque converter on an automatic transmission. The automatic Clutch Control actuator replaces the vehicle’s clutch lever or clutch pedal, which enables the bike to move off from its stationary position and be brought to a halt using the throttle and brakes only.


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