The Anchor Inn

The Anchor, a pub with a real family tradition stretching back some 77 years.

An historic pub near Kidderminster, which cost just £1,800 in 1936 is priceless in the eyes of today’s owners, who are celebrating more than 70 years of family tradition. The pub is a testament to the good old days when Ralph introduced his own range of Worthing beers and kept pigs in the back garden. The interior has barely changed and Pete is still using the same tables and chairs his grandad bought in the 1920s.

The pub is an ideal meet for bikers, with plenty of parking and room to host large gatherings.


“Best pub in England! Have had the greatest times here and all thanks to Pete & Jeanett – Mind How You Go!!!”
Katy Hewitt


“EXCELLENT cider with cheap and filling cobs served with salad, very mixed customers very pleasant atmosphere, although rather smokey, nice to be able to sit outside in sheltered area. easily reached from nearby canal. one of the best pubs in the area…”
Peter Handley

“Lovely atmosphere and location with kind and friendly staff – what more could you ask for?”
Shawn Thomas

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