Accident Statistics for Great Britain suggest that almost 50% off accidents between cars and motorbikes happen as a result of the car driver not spotting the motorcyclist, by not looking properly. Although many riders dream of the days of the open highway, unfortunately modern city life and the sheer weight of traffic in modern life means that motorcyclists need to be on guard against drivers failing to look. Here are our top tips for safe driving in traffic:

Use your mirrors – but don’t forget to look over your shoulder. However well adjusted your mirrors are, there is always a risk of missing something in a blind spot.

Never position yourself between any vehicle and a slip road – particularly an off ramp, however they may indicate.

Use low gears in traffic – Your bike is ready to move quickly, and the higher revs may just make you more noticeable to bored, idle traffic.

Watch drivers heads – this should give you an indication of direction, as most car drivers will not suddenly change direction without glancing first.

Stay in open zones – Keep to the larger gaps to give you room to manoeuvre and some where to go if things get too close for comfort.

Keep on top of your brakes – Be prepared to act quickly at anytime.

Avoid the gutter – If you are driving in the city, resist the temptation to use the gutter. You’ll be out of the line of sight of many drivers.

Leave a gap – hitting a car door can leave you with all sorts of injuries, and it can be difficult to see when a drive may open his door, so leave ample space to avoid collision.

Be seen – reflective gear and a headlight on, even in daylight, will increase your visibility in traffic.

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