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We at Protect My are a long-term policy that replaces a percentage of your monthly income should you be unable to work due to a motorcycle injury. In other words, we can pay your bills if you can’t! Many people believe they have cover via their employer if something went wrong but we highly recommend you check this out as many Employers Liability products will only cover members for accidents at work whereas our policies cover work, home and play for both accidents and illness.

We are able to insure up to 70% of what you earn and cover an extensive list of illnesses, as well as injuries sustained at work, home and play including motorcycle accidents. For an affordable monthly premium we can provide you with cover that protects you until you are able to get back to work or until you reach retirement age if you are unable to work again.

The sports we cover includes:

  • Motorcross
  • Mountain Biking & Downhill
  • TT & Road Racing
  • Trackdays & Racing
  • Enduro & Trials
  • Cycling
  • Plus many more sports and hard risk sports!

It’s not something any of us like to think about when being on a motorcycle but as we get older and our responsibilities increase, it is so important to stay protected, and Income Protection is the one insurance policy you must have if you can’t afford to replace your income should you get injured.

If you have a standard leg break for example it will most probably take a minimum of 3 months to heal and with having sick pay that only pays out £92.05 a week isn’t going to go very far – so why wouldn’t you consider protecting your income?

We have made Income Protection a very simple process. It will take as little as 30 minutes, and our insurance specialists can put forward your application so you can get back to enjoying life knowing you and your family are protected from anything life may throw at you!

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us for further information on any of our services – we would love to hear from you! Alternatively you can visit our social media pages to hear about our latest adventures, news and deals.

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