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Classic Bikes and motorbike parts

Classic Bikes and motorbike Parts

classic motorbikes / classssic bike parts and servicesAre you hankering for the open road, the wind in your face, the roar of an engine beneath you? Do you miss the days when British manufacturing really was great, and our biking industry was world famous? If so, then maybe a classic bike is for you.

If you know your way around a bike then owning, restoring, repairing and, ultimately loving a classic could be just what you need.  Make no mistake; this will be a labour of love.  You may well be stuck on the roadside, in the pouring rain, trying to stick a spanner in the most inaccessible place on your machine.  You will spend hours on the phone trying to track down an elusive part.  You will be all consumed by your new hobby to the detriment of your relationship with family and friends, who may not be able to see quite the same beauty in that rusting piece of junk as you do.  A whole new world will however open up to you.  Perfect strangers will now come up and talk to you about your pipes or spokes; you will be offered roadside assistance by fellow enthusiasts who will gladly take the rain-lashing in order to get you and your 'lady' back on the road.

classic motorbike sales & bike breakers You will need to devote time to your classic.  The tinkering possibilities are infinite.  The satisfaction of stripping, repairing and rebuilding a proper bike and then trusting your own work at high speeds is something that's hard to describe.  Even with the ever-reliable Japanese bikes from the 70s and 80s, there are plenty of options for modifying and improving them.  One word of caution though: keep parts original otherwise it will affect the bike's value.  The classic bike enthusiast's mantra is always 'leave it standard'. 

Many classic motorbikes are owned by men, ahem, of a certain age, who are only now able to realise their dream of owning the bike that their teenage/twenty-something dreams were made of.  They can now enjoy their Yamaha TZ750 or the Kawasaki GPz750 to their hearts' content without having to bankrupt themselves.  They may be able to again buy an LC power-valve and relive their youth.  They can show their sons exactly what they've been banging on about all these years when they said "they don't make them like they used to". 

The aficionados of the great British marques such as BSA, Triumph, Norton, Vincent and so on are well catered for with a plethora of racing and meeting clubs.  With one of these old British classics, the likelihood is you will spend many more hours in the garage than on the open road.  This does not put off the hardcore though, who will regularly meet to swap parts and anecdotes.  There is a very strong camaraderie in the world of vintage motorbikes, and many are members of racing clubs.  Riding on the track is an excellent way to let your bike show its mettle, which is safer and more fun than on the highways.  Plus there's always the added bonus of having friends with spares close by to help you out with the inevitable breakdown.

Only a true bike lover will understand the devotion of time and money given to a classic.  They will tell you it's all about the character of the machine, the fact that more skill is needed in riding them and the satisfaction of fixing it when it breaks.  It really is the stuff of a Boys Own dream come true.

Classics - classic motorbike companies

Popular classic bike makes / manuftacturers include triumph classic bikes, Norton Classic bikes, BSA Classic motorbikesbikes, Suzuki Classic bikes, Vincent classic motorbikes and HRU Classic Bikes
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