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Apps to make life easier for the biker


A few of our favourite apps designed to make life easier and more fun for bikers:

Best Biking Roads £2.49 iPhone / Android
This is a brilliant little app with thousands of reviews of rides and routes, across 80 countries worldwide including the UK.  It searchable by your location or you can plan ahead and browse over a thousand UK routes, and see reviews from real riders.  Clever.

Motorcycle Theory Test UK £2.59 iPhone
A really simple, well laid out app with all the right questions and Hazard Perception Tests for learners to bone up before their theory test. 

Dynolicious £5.99 iPhone
There are a few Dyno apps out there, but so far, we like this one.  Ever wondered what a personal rolling road would be like? Well, this will never be quite as finely tuned, but accuracy seems good, and it’s certainly a fun little app to play with!

Trapster £FREE iPhone / Android
We love a freebie, and Trapster is well worth a look.  It has been around for some time, so is well worked out app which shows speed traps and red light camera’s around the country.  Obviously, on a bike you aren’t going to be looking in real time, but you can plan a forthcoming journey and find out where all the traps will be – forewarned is forearmed, as they say, and this one is equally useful in a car.

EatSleepRIDE £1.99 iPhone / Android
Record and share routes, analyse all your biking data including mileage, average and top speeds, share pictures and find exciting routes.  This app is easy to use and pretty comprehensive, and can also act as a social networking tool allowing you to be visible to other riders and vice verse.  There is also the possibility to upgrade to a feature called CrashLight, a clever bit of technology that the developers say uses your phone’s GPS, gyroscope and accelerometer capabilities to detect a crash and automatically notify your chosen contacts via text, voice and email.

DeciBel £0.59 iPhone /
Worried about exhaust noise affecting a track day, or just being plain annoying? DeciBel offers an accurate measurement system within a clean, easy to use interface.  It’s also rather fun to shout into…

CoPilot £free to £19.99, iPhone / Android
CoPilot is one of many, many free to paid for navigation apps, but we do like this one.  CoPilot are well established and respected in the mobile navigation industry, and for good reason.  Clean, easy to use, and almost infinitely customisable, CoPilot also downloads maps whilst connected to wifi, meaning you don’t have to eat lots of data while out and about – the voice directions are very clear too.  Optional extras include traffic congestion alerts and extra maps worldwide.
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