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From motorbike repairs to dealers, spares, sales, parts, accessories, clothes and leathers.

The directory and the web site is fast becoming the number one reference source containing a multitude of services, suppliers and all things associated with UK Motorcycle and Motorsports Directory, from motorcycle dealers to spares, parts accessories, clothes and leathers. 

If you are motorcycle dealer, supply spares, parts, accessories, motorcycle clothes or leathers then please do add a free entry to the directory using the link at the top of the page, or give us a call on 01582 488385 to chat about our various enhanced listings including colour display advertisements and direct links to your site.

2015 has seen the publication of our latest hard copy, The Motorcycle Reference Directory, with its glossy, full colour listings, interesting and helpful advice and features, giveaways and much, much more.  Find us on the shelves in WH Smiths and newsagents, as well as at major shows and retailers nationwide. 

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Tips & Advice Biker Meets Wearing Helmets

motorcycle sales and dealers, motorbike repairs, bike parts and accessories

Motorbike Parts - helmets

HAQs stand - Hall 3 - Stand V24 at the motorcycle and scooter show at the NEC

If you own a

Motorcycle shop or motorcycle spares or parts shop or are in the motorcycle or motorsportsindustry

then add your free entry to our directory.

This directory covers the whole of the UK from Sussex, Dorset, Cornwall and Hertfordshire to Lancashire, Yorkshire, Wales and Scotland.

The database of UK Motorcycle and Motorsports companies, from motorcycle dealers to spares, parts accessories, clothes and leathers just keeps on growing.

motorcycle sales and dealers, motorbike repairs, bike parts and accessories


motorcycle sales and dealers, motorbike repairs, bike parts and accessories

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Dealing with Motorbike Dealers

If you're shopping around for a new or used bike, and considering different motorcycle dealers, you need to bear several things in mind.

It makes sense to use motorcycle dealers who also sell all the motorbike parts and accessories you need, and do motorbike repairs, so that you can get everything under one roof.  It's obviously crucial to find motorbike dealers you can trust, and somewhere which does motorcycle repairs well and safely without charging the earth.

quad bikes,trikes and quad parts

It's always worth trying to negotiate with motorbike dealers on price.  A good starting point for negotiation will be the manufacturer's website to check the recommended retail price of the bike.  When you speak to your motorcycle dealer, they will be able to tell you their current prices for the model you require.  Tell the dealer what your budget is and just how far you are prepared to go, so that they know what they need to achieve for you to get your business.  After all, they know the business and will be looking to make sure you are happy.  You will be riding the bike and paying the bill, so make sure you get the right advice and don't be pushed into the wrong purchase.

The same goes for buying motorbike parts and having motorbike repairs done.  As with anything else, it pays to shop around.  Above all, you are probably looking for motorcycle repairs places near you, and won't want to trek across town just to pick up a few motorbike parts. 

With so many places offering motorbike parts and motorcycle repairs even within a single town, it can seem hard to know which one to choose.  Of course you can look online and read reviews of motorcycle dealers and people offering motorbike repairs, which often proves the quickest method.

You can also ask biking friends to recommend motorbike dealers or where to go for motorbike repairs or motorbike parts.  Or you can try to find motorcycle dealers online, which is probably the easiest way to find them.  And, if you need motorcycle repairs doing so that you can get back on the road, you won't have time to hang around. 

How the Can Help

Media Chameleon Limited's Motorcycle Directory and associated website,, are fast becoming the first port of call for anyone interested in motorbike repairs or motorbike dealers.  Now in its tenth year of publication, it's also a great reference source if you're on the lookout for clothes, leathers and other bike-related accessories.  We even have links to information about bike touring holidays and campsites and pubs which welcome bikers, as well as details about forthcoming bike shows and events. 

Whether you want wheels and tyres or other motorcycle repairs, ultrasonic cleaning or biking insurance, see what the directory has to offer before you do anything else. 

motorbike Touring Holidays, Biker friendly Campsites, Pubs and bike cafes

If you are one of the many motorbike dealers who wants to get more business, or supply motorbike parts or carry out motorcycle repairs, ask us about adding a listing in our directory, which won't cost you anything.  Or talk to us about more extensive advertising. 

If you're fanatical about everything related to motorbikes, you'll love our directory.  With so many business providing motorbike repairs and accessories listed, along with such an extensive range of motorcycle dealers, you're bound to find one near you. 

You can search the site by region, by county or by category - for example, by motorbike parts or particular accessories.  Then, within each category there are various sub-categories.  Within motorbike parts, for example, that might include radiators, bulbs or cables.  You can also search the various categories by region as well, making it easy to find, say, someone doing motorbike repairs near where you are.  The directory could also be handy guide to motorcycle repairs if you happen to need them away from home.

Paper and Online Copies Available

Because we value both hard copy publications while embracing the benefits of Internet technology, our directory of motorbike dealers and the like is available both in paper form and online.  That allows you to search for motorcycle dealers in the way that suits you best, whether that's electronically or thumbing through physical pages. 

If it's a paper copy you want to use to search for motorbike repairs and the like, our directories are available from newsagents' shops across the UK.  You'll also find at us at exhibitions and shows nationwide. 

So, when you come to need motorbike dealers, don't leave anything to chance.  Our comprehensive directory gives you access to more details for motorcycle repairs, motorcycle dealers and more than you are likely to find anywhere else.

See our user-friendly website for more information.  You'll never have to scrabble around with a phone book or web search engine again.

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